Furniture bits and pieces construct this custom chair designed for the footwear design brand Herbert – Limited Edition

A collaboration between the Tel Aviv based architect Julia Barashkova and fashion designer Moran Zur created this editorial featuring Zur’s up and coming footwear design brand Herbert – Limited Edition. Herbert is an Israeli brand founded by Moran Zur, dedicated to creating traditionally- crafted footwear for the modern world. Herbert celebrates the memory of the Jewish immigrants who shed their European identity during World War 2 in order to cultivate the young land of Israel. The design aesthetic celebrates the clash between the archetypal European man's shoe and the laid- back vibes of the warm, Mediterranean way of life that is so unique to Israel.
To enhance and showcase the brand’s identity, Julia Barashkova, an immigrant herself, created a chair from bits and pieces of other furniture connected to a basic, firm, orthogonal shape made from European birch plywood. The design in clean and minimal and follows the brand’s color scheme of black and untreated leather – translating it to black metal, and untreated wooden surfaces. Much like the brand’s shoes, the chair is handmaid and one of a kind.
Photographer: Aya Wind
Hair & Makeup: Gali Keren
Models: Nir Benita & Julia Barashkova
Styling: Moran Zur
Chair: Julia Barashkova

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